Migration Notice

We are currently migrating the old website to Github and this pages contains a lot of dead links and inaccurate information. The team is also working hard to prepare a "1.0" release hopefully available at the end of 2013. If you want to test our current development head, be advised to use only the information found at https://openxpki.readthedocs.org/en/latest/quickstart.html.
The core system and the new config layer is mostly working, the SCEP server is working but lacks any kind of useful configuration and the UI has some ugly bugs. Feel free to ask for support on the mailinglist at openxpki-users@lists.sourceforge.net.

About OpenXPKI

The OpenXPKI Project has created an enterprise-grade PKI/Trustcenter software that supports well-established infrastructure components like RDBMS and Hardware Security Modules. Flexibility and modularity are the project’s key design objectives.

Unlike many other OpenSource PKI projects OpenXPKI offers powerful features necessary for professional environments that are usually only found in commercial grade PKI products. (If you have ever wondered what could be done to provide continuous operation of a PKI without having to struggle with the system every time your CA certificate expires, OpenXPKI is probably the right thing for you.)

However, we also target small scale installations by providing quick-start configuration examples that allow to get a usable PKI running quickly.

OpenXPKI runs on most Unix-like operating system (verified on FreeBSD, Linux, Solaris/OpenSolaris and Mac OS X).
Database backends exist for MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle and DB2.
OpenXPKI also integrates with the RT Request Tracker and supports nCipher's nShield Hardware Security Modules.

Architecture White Paper available
The OpenXPKI Team has compiled a White Paper on the architecture and key features of the OpenXPKI software. The paper is available as a PDF Document here and outlines the architecture of the system. Development follows the concepts described there closely.


News archive

2005-Oct-17 to 2005-Oct-18
2. OpenCA Workshop
Core Design presented on a meeting of Germany's National Research and Education Network
2004-Oct-11 to 2004-Oct-12
1. OpenCA Workshop

Security Advisories

Security advisories are listed in a dedicated section, in order to make it possible to publish updated advisories there as well.


OpenXPKI is currently under development. There are no official releases yet.


This site is still unfinished. If you’d like to be added as a contributor, please fork!

We need to migrate content from the old website and clean up the theme.