About the Project

Project History

The OpenXPKI project started back in 2005 when contributors and users of the OpenCA software came together on a workshop to discuss the future evolution of the project. As the original project looked somewhat dead and copyright and licensing was an issue, the new project was set up and started development of a new system based on the results of this workshop. Backed with some fundings from companies and universities, a first production deployment was done by Martin Bartosch on 2007-01-26 for his customer. As of today, this deployment is still running and doing well...

Maintainer / Main developers (listed in alphabetic order)

  • Martin Bartosch
  • Oliver Welter
  • Scott Hardin

Contributors (listed in alphabetic order)

  • Alexander Klink
  • Andreas Leibl
  • Bernard Spil
  • Dieter Siebeck
  • Gideon Knocke
  • Joachim Astel
  • Julia Dubenskaya
  • Marko Durkovic
  • Michael Bell
  • PaweĊ‚ Tomulik
  • Sergei Vyshenski