Roadmap / Releases

Release Cycle

We do not have an official release cycle but we plan to publish new releases whenever we add new functionality or in case we find any severe bugs.


We follow the semantic versioning guidelines, so you are able to update within the 1.x branch at any time without touching your config.

Packaging / OS Support

Community packages are provided for free for Debian and available from our the package server. We are currently working on the upgrade to Debian Buster and a docker container.
Native packages for other distributions are available via Enterprise-Support from White Rabbit Security.

Features / Roadmap

Version 3.x

This is currently in development and likely to be released in Q4/19

  • Upgrade to OpenSSL 1.1
  • Upgrade Community Packages to Debian Buster
  • Finalise migration to LibSCEP (remove old SCEP tools)
  • Full support for EST

Version 2.x

This is the current stable and recommended release.

  • Enhanced Reporting and Statistics
  • Enhanced command line tools (ACLs, parseable output)
  • New SCEP Layer (support for Engine and ECC)
  • New Command API allowing custom plugins/extensions
  • Transparant database layer for easy extension of tables

Version 1.x

Development of the 1.x has been discontinued

  • RPC API for request/renewal of certificates
  • Enrollment over Secure Transport (RFC 7030)
  • Dedicated renewal workflow
  • Command line API with granular ACL
  • Integrity protected audit log
  • Configuration Signing