Training (Certification)

OpenXPKI trainings give you the possibility to learn about the features and options of the product. Trainings are held by the core team members and can be booked as a commercial offer from White RabbitSecurity. Please consider the given course items as proposal, we are happy to offer you a dedicated course schedule to address your particular requirements based on the present skills knownledge of your team. For further informations contact us at

OpenXPKI Registration Officer

This course enables you to work with the OpenXPKI frontend to support end users managing their request evaluate the status of pending requests and handle approvals.

  • Introduction on basic principles of a public key infrastucture (certificates, keys and certificate chains)
  • Find and download certificates using the OpenXPKI WebUI
  • The OpenXPKI user/role model
  • Introduction into the standard certificate request workflow
  • Introduction into the standard certificate revocation workflow
  • Introduction into the automated enrollment workflow
  • Generate standard reports and statistics

OpenXPKI System Administrator

This course provides an overview on the basic architecture of the OpenXPKI system and gives a deep insight how to modify workflows and work with the configuration layer to embed external datasources. Basic knownledge on the administration of unix systems are a mandatory prerequisite for this course.

  • Introduction on the OpenXPKI architecture
  • Introduction on the OpenXPKI configuration system
  • Deploy and setup OpenXPKI using the provided sample configuration
  • How to use OpenXPKI realms to run multiple CAs on one installation
  • Day-to-day operations and monitoring
  • Configure rollover of root and issuing CAs
  • Configure the OpenXPKI subsystems for SCEP, RPC and EST
  • Understand the internals of the OpenXPKI workflow engine, learn how to modify existing workflows or create new workflows from scratch.

OpenXPKI Developer

This course gives a detailed introduction into the internal architecture of the OpenXPKI system. It will enable you to write your own class files to support your business requirements and use or extend existing APIs to solve any automation tasks using the command line tools. Prerequisite for this course is an a decent knownledge of the Perl programming language.

  • Introduction on the class tree of OpenXPKI
  • Introduction on the internal architecture
  • Usage of Internal APIs
  • Usage of OpenXPKI Debug capabilities